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Discover a changing culture under impressive landscapes.

Journey through the fertile hills of Rwanda while discovering the engaging process of the visual storytelling. Within the folds of stunning topography of mountainous farmland, travel to experience the heart-warming encounter with villagers and photograph a culture in the path of change.

The Rwanda Photography Workshop is a unique adventure exploring the Land of the Thousand Hills, the youngest growing nation in Africa driven for gender equality, and a dominant rural living where the White Nile River finds its source. Walk through the breathtaking hills of Nyamirambo, Kigali oldest neighborhood, and step into its street maze built on hillsides. Navigate the Lake Kivu to approach remote villages, engage with the local population to record their personal stories and photograph beautiful portraits. Perched at an average altitude of 7000 feet, we explore the country's tropical highland to delve into dramatic terraced hills of the Kitabi Tea Plantation on the edge of a vast and untouched tropical rainforest, the Nyungwe National Forest, and capture images of female harvesters who play an essential role in the farming working force of Rwanda.

Develop your personal style while being coached on how to engage with your subjects and take this unique 10-day journey to Rwanda, one of the safest countries in Africa, to capture scenes and portraits that illuminate a culture of traditions and change.

Rwanda Delta Geographic Photo Expeditions
Kitabi Tea workers hand-pick black tea leaves - Rwanda / Copyrighted Beb REYNOL / DELTA GEOGRAPHIC

"I spent three days at the highest cultivated land of Rwanda, following trails taken by many farmers who travel to work for the largest tea plantation in the region, a surreal landscape carved by steep hills and irrigated plateaus on the edge of the vast untouched tropical rainforest, the Nyungwe National Forest. The tea industry in Rwanda has become an essential assets in its economy and in the survival of locally but remote rural life which, women play an important role."



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Born and raised in France, Beb REYNOL is a documentary photographer and a photojournalist focusing on social-cultural issues. He covered stories of insect hunters, following their footsteps into the heart of the uncharted Amazonian forest of French Guyana; he managed to hitch hike through the whole distance west-east coast length of the U.S before embarking into a long journey through Pakistan and Afghanistan, crossing their borders on foot to meet remote Pashtuns.

Since 1999, Beb has worked alongside photographers and photojournalists around the world contributing to their education and in the development of independent media. His contribution as a photojournalist and educator on the field led him to the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York where he has conducted multiple workshops focusing on the visual storytelling and photojournalism in the context of social change, coordinating leading guest-speakers from the UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the International Rescue Committee (IRC).

On his latest work, Beb covered the remote and rural regions of Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. He has been opening new leads in photography workshops in Rwanda focusing on the visual storytelling while creating an exciting learning experience. Collaborating with local fixers and translators, these workshops have been designed to fit all photography levels, and travellers alike.

Rwanda Delta Geographic Photo Expeditions


10 days in Rwanda in 2017:

May 15 - 25
Deadline for reservation:
April 15, 2017

September 17 - 27
Deadline for reservation:
August 17, 2017

October 10 - 20
Deadline for reservation:
September 10, 2017

November 05 - 15
Deadline for reservation:
October 05, 2017 Phone: +1.206.356.2983

Marie-Jeanne and her twin daughters - Rwanda / Copyrighted Beb REYNOL / DELTA GEOGRAPHIC

In Kibuye, we work very closely with the local population. We travel by boat to reach to remote villages otherwise inaccessible and that are well lodged above the Lake Kivu, perched above 4000 feet. The work often consists of hiking through hill sides and banana forest to meet with a community living in an environment closely attached to its land and water. We engage with the local residents to learn from their personal stories and to capture significant environmental portraits.

Rwanda Delta Geographic Photo Expeditions
Kigali - Rwanda / Copyrighted Beb REYNOL / DELTA GEOGRAPHIC


The workshop requires some walking...Yes. Rwanda is a fascinating country for a very good reason: the mountains that shape its land. A pair of walking shoes will suffice to tackle the capital's hills and mountain villages. Also, expect us to use motorcycles as some locations make it easier to move for a short distance on two-wheels. Each night, we review your photos, so bring along your laptop.


Prices below includes all lodging, local transportation, breakfast and lunches. Reception and departure dinners are included. You will be greeted at the Kigali international airport and transported to our beautiful guest-house in Kigali, and we will take care of your departure in the same fashion.



Price is per person, double occupancy. For a single room, add $400. International airfare to/from Rwanda is not included in the workshop cost.

Deadlines are set for all itineraries. In order to make a reservation, a deposit of $900 is required which becomes non-refundable 90 days prior departure. Full payment is required for any trips 90 days before departure which becomes non-refundable 45 days prior departure.

All payments to be made securely through PayPal by sending a request via email:

Phone: +1.206.356.2983

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Visas are required to enter Rwanda and are easy to obtain and inexpensive. For those interested in continuing the adventure to visit two other East African countries - Kenya and Uganda, a special visa is available and allows multiple entries for all three countries.

Vaccination for the Yellow Fever is required to enter Rwanda. For all those with a fragile stomach, the food in Rwanda is absolutely clean and delicious with ample choices on vegeterian meals. The guesthouses listed on this website represent some of the best local and Western cuisine.

All students and travellers taking this workshop will sign an Accident Waiver & Release of Liability Form, and a Contract providing assurance of services mentioned on this website, along with their full payment.


Listed here are two options among many to provide insurance covering your gears and your health while on the road. These are just a set of examples:
1. Lonely Planet provides an easy insurance package for the time of your travels.
2. World Nomads will give you a quote on the spot.


Day 1 - Arrival Kigali
From the airport, we take you to our lovely and centrally located guesthouse Step Town Hotel, which looks at the magnificent hills of the capital city from its terrace.

Day 2 - Kigali
Explore Kigali's oldest neighborhood Nyamirambo and step into its street maze built on breathtaking hillsides. Meet with its friendly residents, listen to their stories and capture significant portraits of a working community.
Guest house Step Town Hotel

Day 3 - Kitabi
Travel to the beautiful Kitabi Tea Estate and discover its vast plantation carved in terraced hills, spread through miles of eucalyptus forest on the border of the best preserved montane rainforest in East Africa- elevation above 7000 ft. After checking-in at the Kitabi College Guest House, hike to the tea terraces to capture images of a spectacular surrounding.

Day 4 - Kitabi
From the early morning, meet with the staff of the Kitabi Tea Factory then drive to the terrace farm fields to hike through steep slopes and snap shots of tea harvesters working in high elevation. Making a vital contribution to Rwanda's economy, the tea crop is harvested by mostly women and by hand.
Kitabi College Guest House

Day 5 - Kitabi
Hike through the beautiful tropical highland to delve into the complex plateaus and terraced hills to capture images of a rural land and its residents. Rwanda largely depends on agriculture for its economy and 70 % of the population is represented in rural areas.
Kitabi College Guest House

Day 6 - Kibuye
Drive to the remote town of Karongi overlooking the Lake Kivu - elevation 4,780 ft, also known as Kibuye. The lake is one of the African Great Lakes and has been called the African Switzerland. Walk the trail up the mountain to meet with local villagers to create beautiful portraits.
Guest house Home St.Jean

Day 7 - Kibuye
In the early morning, we take a motorboat to capture fishermen on Lake Kivu, a traditional practice of net fishing. In the afternoon, navigate along its shore to reach to remote villages and hike up the hill to meet a small community of farmers. Guest house Home St.Jean.

Day 8 - Kibuye
In the early morning, we continue our adventure by boat to encounter further villages to photograph a unique way of life on steep hills. In the afternoon, capture panoramic images of the magnificent Lake Kivu from our stunning Guest house Home St.Jean.

Day 9 - Byumba
Situated above 7000 ft, the remote town opens to many dramatic vistas. We take a break at our friendly Ubwuzu Hotel before capturing images of the local market and its cobblestone streets.

Day 10 - Byumba - Kigali
In the morning, we inch our way on off beaten path through Eucalyptus forest to meet with local farmers and habitants to capture their portraits. On the afternoon, we drive back to Kigali and re-cap our photographic adventure at our cozy Guest house Step Town Hotel

Day 11 - Kigali Departure